Things to do in Cahuita

25 Spectacular Things to Do In Cahuita, Costa Rica

Have you recently booked your yoga vacation to The Goddess Garden? Fantastic! We are so excited to have you! But your vacation can be so much more than just yoga. There are plenty of other phenomenal things to do in … Read More

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caribbean yoga retreat

Why Costa Rica’s “Green Season” is the Perfect Time to Host Your Caribbean Yoga Retreat

If you’ve been a yoga teacher for a while, you’ve probably at least entertained the idea of hosting an international yoga retreat. Somewhere in the Caribbean is an obvious choice: crystal clear waters and open-air yoga decks in the jungle … Read More

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yoga vacation

Yoga Life Hacks: How to Plan a Better Yoga Vacation

In our constantly busy world, your time is valuable, and this is even more true of your vacation time. If you’re like most Americans, you probably only get one or two weeks off every year, so why not make the … Read More

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costa rica retreat center

Time To Go To A Costa Rica Retreat Center: 5 Signs You’re Too Stressed

A life changing vacation to a Costa Rica retreat center is one of the most effective ways to combat stress, but far too many people wait until their stress has become a major health problem before they do anything about … Read More

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yoga vacation costa rica

Science Proves A Yoga Vacation In Costa Rica Will Make You Happier

There are obvious reasons to take a yoga vacation in Costa Rica. It’s yoga, spa time, relaxation and adventure all in one amazing package in the happiest country in the world. Nothing about that sounds terrible! But did you know … Read More

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airport yoga

Airport Yoga: 10 Poses You Can Do While You Travel

Airport yoga is an incredible way to stay sane on your travels. Especially if you’re an avid traveler, you know all too well the stiff, cooped-up feeling that comes with being in a cramped airplane for any length of time. … Read More

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Best Yoga Teacher

Here’s What Will Actually Make You The Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be

As a yoga teacher, it’s natural to wonder: am I doing a good job? What can I be doing to offer my students the most authentic experience in the studio? Essentially, we all want to be the best yoga teacher … Read More

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Come to Cahuita, Costa Rica for a Truly Unique Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Are you ready to become a yoga teacher, but you want to be sure your training experience will truly knock your socks off? Becoming a yoga teacher is an experience that should change your life, so it’s important to choose … Read More

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best yoga retreat in Costa Rica

Why The Teacher Should Become The Student: Best Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

As a yoga teacher, do you find yourself in the position of always being the teacher and never the student? Do you sometimes get burned out on always holding space for other people, and feeling like you’re neglecting yourself? It’s … Read More

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costa rica yoga retreat

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Ideas: 10 Themes To Inspire Your Students

Are you struggling to make ends meet as a yoga teacher? Or maybe you’ve been teaching for a while and you’re ready to take the next step as a yogi entrepreneur? Leading a Costa Rica yoga retreat is a great way … Read More

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